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Intergroom Events

DaySmart Pet Bark Easy Lounge

Take a break from shopping and grab a drink at the DaySmart Pet Bark Easy Lounge. Located in the center of the trade show floor, the DaySmart Pet Bark Easy Lounge is the perfect spot to rest your feet between seminars. This hangout sponsored by DaySmart Pet is where you will find all the cool cats (and dogs).

Sponsored by

Daysmart Pet

Shirley Kalstone Creative Runway

Saturday Evening after the Best In Show awards

This class is designed to underscore the beauty of a simple abstract design, beautifully sculpted, and devoid of props costumes, accessories, etc. Minimal color, if any, is permitted. We are looking for stunning quality and artistry which would be appropriate for a client’s dog and can be reproduced in one day. Competitor’s attire should not detract from or overpower the groom; it can be complementary or an extension of the design. Before each presentation, the emcee will briefly interview the Competitors for biographical information and design explanation. Runway music will be provided by the show producer. Entries used for this class must be groomed prior to competition. Any Purebred or Mixed Breed dog, as well as cat, may be used. If using an entry from a previous class, Competitor must make a distinguishable difference in the design.

Intergroom 2022 Abstract Runway Winner

Intergroove Electric Dance Party

Saturday Evening after the Christine De Filippo Creative Runway

What do you get when mix live DJs, cranking electronic music with thunderous bass, flashy visuals, a laser light show, fog effects and groomers? The Intergroove Electric Dance Party! Starting directly after the Christine De Filippo Creative Runway, get ready for nonstop jams that DROP! Bring your light up dancing shoes and cash for the bar, and gear up for an experience unlike any other, only at Intergroom!

AKC Master Groomer

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Best In Show Awards

Doors open Saturday at 8pm in the