Intergroom Events

Style and Couture Runway Walk

Saturday Evening 8pm

This class is designed to underscore the beauty of a simple abstract design, beautifully sculpted, and devoid of props costumes, accessories, etc. Minimal color, if any, is permitted. We are looking for stunning quality and artistry which would be appropriate for a client’s dog and can be reproduced in one day. Competitor’s attire should not detract from or overpower the groom; it can be complementary or an extension of the design. Before each presentation, the emcee will briefly interview the Competitors for biographical information and design explanation. Runway music will be provided by the show producer. Entries used for this class must be groomed prior to competition. Any Purebred or Mixed Breed dog, as well as cat, may be used. If using an entry from a previous class, Competitor must make a distinguishable difference in the design.

Saturday Evening following The Style and Couture Runway Walk

Intergroom's 2018 6th annual lip sync contest is Saturday, April 14th at 8pm to midnight. Esteemed panel of judges; Delise Knight, Chelsey Hall and Chuck Simons. Sponsored by Bardel Bows, Groomers Helper and GroomerTV. Entries will be limited so email