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Friday Programs

Pet Professional's Business Makeover: Marketing, Management, Money And Media

Khris Berry

Whether a new or veteran pet professional, this course offers fresh insights which you can easily implement to infuse professionalism and energy into your business. Learn how to develop and redefine the strategies which lead you to run a successful and vibrant pet service business by utilizing the 4 "M's" to transform yourself and your business!

Hour 1) Marketing

How do you set yourself apart in a sea of competitors? Develop a personal brand! This class will help you define and develop your own brand. Whether you are mobile, corporate, solo, or work with other groomers, you can use these skills to distinguish yourself and create your own voice in your everyday workplace. Unleash the power of “You” in your workplace and watch your client base grow!

Hour 2) Management

Learning to manage people effectively is a hallmark of great leaders. Learn tips to manage employees, clients and more in this information packed seminar.

Hour 3) Money

How do you create a viable self-sustaining business which will sustain, endure, and thrive? In this seminar, you will learn strategies to focus on revenue streams and increase your business profit margin, as well as how to build your business to succeed financially and stabilize your revenue.

Hour 4) Media

This class will offer insights into getting the most from your media choices, avoiding pitfalls, and making bold choices to set yourself apart from competitors. Learn to flex your business muscle by using many forms of media.

Dog Behavior Bootcamp: Need To Know Basics For Pet Care Professionals

Fernando Camacho

The more you understand the dogs you work with, the better your job will be and the happier your clients will be (both human and canine). In this series, Fernando Camacho will educate you so you can better communicate with the dogs you encounter, be able to improve some of their behavior issues, and increase their quality of life.

Hour 1) Understanding Dog Communication

Learn the language of dog so you can better understand how dogs are feeling and finally know what they’ve been trying to tell you all this time. We’ll look at lots of video footage and discuss what’s going on with the dogs so you can read and work with dogs better.

Hour 2) Working with Shy, Anxious and Fearful Dogs

Timid dogs require very special interactions if you want to gain their trust and help them overcome their fears. In this seminar, we’ll go over how you can make shy dogs more comfortable and the exercises you can do to help them overcome their fears.

Hour 3) How to NOT Get Bitten by a Dog

Most dog bites are actually our fault - not the dogs. Learn exactly what you need to do to create good interactions with dogs that encourage positive encounters and keep all those pointy teeth off you.

Hour 4) How to Treat Common Behavior Issues

Discover how to address the most common problems that people have with their dogs, including jumping, barking, chewing and digging. We’ll talk about how you can identify the cause of the behaviors and how to address each one.

Jodi’s Tricks Of The Trade

Jodi Murphy

Spend the day with Jodi while she grooms several breeds throughout the day. She will share with you all her tips and tricks that she has learned over the years that make her grooms stand out from the rest. Jodi will discuss the key structure points while grooming which will assist in creating a well-balanced, stylized trim on each breed.

Rockin' Some Creative

Cindy Oliver

Come and watch a creative design come to life in just a few hours! From blank to minimal color, all the way to the finished masterpiece. Learn how to create a design, step by step, during this live demo with top creative groomer, Cindy Oliver. Carving, Coloring, Scissoring, Styling, Detailing, and more; you won’t want to miss this!

Mixed Breed Series

Mixed Breed With Asian Flare

Olga Zabelinskaya

Olga will show you and explain how to take a mixed breed dog and groom it to look like a baby doll, teddy bear or stuffed animal. Japanese or Asian style of grooming helps to "sell" your grooms, attract new customers and bring your grooming ability one step up to a creative way of dog grooming. You can take a mixed breed that's a drop coat or curly coat and create a mixed breed masterpiece.

Speed Tricks On Mixed Breeds

Diane Betelak

For many salons, Mixed Breeds are the basis of our grooming business. We need to be able to turn out a trim that looks great in a reasonable time frame so we can get more clients in. Learn the tricks to keeping these wonderful dogs in trims that accentuate their good points and hide their flaws. Diane will be using blades, snap-on attachments, scissors, thinning shears and other tools to keep the integrity of the coat, but to get it off fast!

Grooming The New Designer Dogs

Sue Watson

We are all getting them now; all those little or big Mix Breeds - no, wait - "designer" dogs. The owners have no clue what their pet should look like because they never want it to look like what it really is. Sue can give you suggestions that can help you deal with those clients and make their decisions easier for them and their fancy designer dogs. Bring your ideas along as well and we will share.

Do You Doodle?

Judi Cantu-Thacker

“Don’t make it look like a poodle.” The first words out of every Goldendoodle or Labradoodle owner’s mouth. Although it’s a hybrid, our clients want to think that it’s a breed. After all, many are paying more than they would for an AKC registered breed. Let’s groom this mixed breed and create a dialog with clients letting them know we think their pet is as special as they do. We’ll discuss Doodle terminology and designing a style that suits both owner and pet!

Friday Evening

Poodle Pet Trims

Michelle Breen

In this class you’ll learn how to do stylish pet trims for your poodle clients quickly and easily. Michelle will cover basic profile points and how to accomplish these with blades and snap on combs, as well as proper scissoring technique for speed and efficiency.

Handling Techniques For Cat Grooming

Lynn Paolillo

Working with cats is completely different from dog grooming. Learn about working with a cat's temperament, body style, anatomy, and behaviors in order to choose the appropriate handling techniques and grooming services for each cat. This seminar includes a live demonstration.

We’ve Got Personality!

Jill Pipino & Erin McLaughlin

Leave breed standard trims at the door. Purebred or mixed, sometimes you want to add a little flair to a haircut; add a little length to legs, tie up a topknot or both! Come learn some fun new styles to spice up simple haircuts that capture your four-legged clients’ personality!