Saturday Programs

Is the Customer Always Right? Or Can We Educate the Modern Customer?

Jessica Adorno & Melissa Mitchner

As we all know, the trends are changing and owning a pet has become more popular than ever. There’s a huge gap in education as per these new designer doodles, oodles and more. In this one-hour seminar, Melissa Mitchner, salon owner and, Jessica Adorno, mobile owner will combine forces to role play different scenarios and adversities the modern-day salon and mobile owners face. Topics will include how to navigate the client check-in, routing and booking, cancellations, deposits and so much more. The main the goal of this seminar is to educate and modernize the aspiring and seasoned groomer.

Meow, Wow! with Dana: Feline Grooming Success

Dana Chavez-Rey

In this one-hour class, Dana offers her secrets to being a successful cat groomer and what to have on hand to make grooming less stressful for you and the cat. Do you have the right attitude? Why are you grooming this cat? What will set me apart from the rest?

Animal Psychology 101

Michelle Knowles

Discover what is going on in the animal’s mind; why dogs and cats do what they do. Take a peek behind the eyes and journey on to a road map of the brain. When we understand the psychology, we are able to work with animals on a much deeper level. Grooming, training and just understanding pets becomes much easier when you are armed with this solid information cover by Malissa is this one-hour seminar.

It’s About Time!: Anne’s Shop Shortcuts

Anne Francis

Anne Francis will discuss timesaving techniques she utilizes every day in the professional grooming salon. Whether you are new to grooming or established and just looking for a few timesaving tips, Anne has got some great ideas. Sometimes referred to as ‘Edward Scissorhands’ by her boss, she has streamlined her approach to grooming everything from the Beagle to the Bouvier! Come ready to learn and see some of the pro tips from this member of GroomTeam USA!

Doodle Hard or Go Home

Madeline Rothwell

In this rendition of grooming the doodle, Madeline will go over tips and tricks to grooming the everyday doodle as well as communicating with their owners. So the next time you hear, "don’t poodle my doodle," you'll know exactly what to say and how to handle the situation! Madeline grooms 15-25 doodles a week and is known for them in her area. She will go over different coat types and ways to style the doodle depending on said coat type. It's time to embrace the breed that's taken over the salon!

Building Better Teams: Strategies to Build, Improve and Empower

Khris Berry

for any team. For long-term success, this seminar will help you learn to align with and empower yourself and those around you. Key strategies include improved communication and information flow, building trust and loyalty, goal setting and group focus, culture and community, accountability, and performance. This seminar is a check-up for yourself in communication and working with others—clients, co-workers, employees, and other pet professionals. Join Khris Berry for a fun and informative new set of skills designed to help you succeed.

Art of Airbrushing

Adriane Pope

Angela will show you how and where to begin offering airbrushing as a service to your clients. She will cover airbrushing on long and short coats as well as light and dark coats. And will also go over different techniques for different effects, mixing colors, equipment and much more. By the end of the class Angela will completely transform a dog’s coat into an art piece.

Happy Handstripping

Joshua Morales

Don't know how to handstrip? Don't know where to start? Don't know if you are doing it correctly? Don't have any handstripping clients? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, this seminar is for you. Going over the 101 of handstripping from finding those clients to improving what you already know, this is a basic handstripping seminar designed to keep you in better health and shape when working to achieve more effective results.

Big and Beautiful: The Standard Poodle

Jay Scruggs

If there's a single breed that you're certain to find coming to you for grooming, it's the Poodle. All of them–no matter what trim style their owners select–should be elegant, well-balanced, and scissored. Grooming difficult feet, achieving a beautiful topknot, and getting that overall balanced look are not the easiest tasks in the world. Jay will demonstrate techniques and short cuts, provide timesaving tips, and show you how to do quick and stylish everyday pet trims.

Nail Maintenance 101

Ralph Whitman

In this seminar on dog nail maintenance, Ralph will be discussing techniques, tools, safety, routine scheduling, reinforcing positive behavior, etc. He will be discussing the “What, Why, When, & Where” of this art of nail maintenance. This seminar will be open to questions as well as to sharing stories of all experiences surrounding dog nail maintenance. Hands-on demonstrations will be performed.

Grooming the Herding Group

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

How does an Aussie tail "smile"? Why does the Bouvier have such a huge head? Why did the AKC create the Herding Group in 1983? Learn all about this newest of the AKC groups, what breeds are in it, and their unique grooming needs. We will cover the history, behavior, Breed Standards, as well as grooming oddities and specifics of these agricultural workers. We will even dare to tackle the controversies surrounding the correct care of most common of all dog coats: The Double-Coat!

Massage for Money

Joshua Morales

A Touch Therapy, our pets and furry clients crave it! Massage is instinctive and is needed to fulfill physiological requirements. Combined with Pet Grooming, I’ll teach you how to tackle that hyper active puppy, geriatric pet, or luxury add-on.

When used properly, “up-selling” can bring you closer to your client, while bringing you more revenue, better retention, and lower churn.

Josh has 100 CE completion on Professional Canine Massage Therapy from Abundant Life Massage School and I will teach you the latest in and outs of Canine Massage Therapy and how to apply it daily. I’ll teach you a quick 15 minute routine that will bring in two times the revenue or MORE!

Fit for any salon, professional, or Groomer.

Where There's a Jill There's a Way

Jill Hailey

Not just for the Mobile Groomer, but the entrepreneur-minded! In this session, you will learn how Jill Hailey took her love of dogs and used her self-taught business marketing skills and turned it into a multi-faceted dog grooming success story. You'll learn how, in just five years, she has grown her business to own eight mobile units, a brick & mortar salon, a monthly scissor and supply subscription, and a grooming supply company. Jill will share her "strike while the iron is hot" approach to tackling even the biggest venture, along with some tested and practical ideas for marketing and growth.

Why Forecasting is Important in the World of Mobile Grooming

Jameson Kon

Where does one go when you already have a business that you want to expand further? What if your business is stagnant, and you need to find a way for more growth? Can you do this alone, or do you need a team to get you from Point A to Point Z? Planning for success is the key to any business model. Take this course to find out how one can set themselves up for success by following some key points of operations in the mobile world of grooming.

Kerry Blue Terrier Show-Stopping Pet Trim

Jessica Moore

Learn the nuances of the Kerry Blue Terrier trim with Jessica as she transforms a dog from frumpy to fabulous. Jessica will discuss the breed standard and how you can translate that into a great looking pet trim in the shop. What is the proper blade or attachment comb length to use? How do I set the cheek lines? Where does the fall start? If you find yourself asking these questions, you can get your answers here. Jessica’s tips and tricks for the Kerry Blue Terrier will have you walking away with grooming education you can use on all your Kerry Blue Terrier clients.

Swivel It, Just a Little Bit!

Chris Anthony

As a groomer attending a trade show, you are looking for new tools, techniques and products to make your job, and therefore your life, easier, and to improve the quality of your grooming. Swivel thumb shears are still relatively new to the market and certainly fit those criteria. This hands-on class will teach you the skills and confidence needed to pick them up and use them in your salon. We will be covering how holding and using swivels differs from standard shears, how to position them along different canine body parts ergonomically, and how to control them to groom better and faster. Bring your own shears to work with and also try several different brands of swivels that will be provided for use.

Adding Self-Service to Your Salon

Corina Stammworthy

This new salon trend can be an easy moneymaker when done right! Corina will cover build-out, products and equipment, and how to convert self-service customers into lifelong grooming clients. Learn how to design and grow the self-service side of your business so that it’s working for you!

Working Like a Dog: The Role of Technology in the Pet Business Industry

Jeff Dickerson

Over 60% of US pet business owners said worrying about making enough money keeps them up at night. With a reliance on manual, paper-based methods and increased market competition, the stress of making enough money is just one challenge pet businesses today face. DaySmart CEO, Jeff Dickerson will dive deeper into survey findings to share the state of the U.S. pet industry, as well as digital trends that are shaping the industry and how owners are leveraging technology to run and grow their businesses. This seminar provides great advice for pet business owners who are thinking about going digital.

What’s Prep Got to Do with It?

Lis De Souza

This is a back to basics seminar! Lis De Souza will teach you why the foundation of a great groom starts with great prep work. She will go over proper bathing and drying techniques, explain why cage drying isn’t necessarily the best method, and show you some of her favorite tools that she uses to help get the perfect finish!

Modern Styles

Olga Zabelinskaya

Do you want to be a trendy groomer? If yes, then join Olga for this Modern Styles seminar. Olga will explain why Asian styles are a must to add to your A La Carte salon price list, basics of pricing, and secrets of achieving those cartoon looking images followed by a demonstration of her magic.