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Sunday Programs

Policies And Procedures

Judi Cantu-Thacker

How do you handle last minute cancellations? Pet injuries? Phone calls? Do you make it up as you go and hope for the best? Having a set of policies and procedures in place will step up your professionalism in your business. We know what our clients expect from us, do they know what you expect/ need from them to make their experience the best that it can be? Communication is the key to every happy relationship. Join Judi in this informative seminar where you will learn how to keep the lines of communication open!

Secrets Of The Westie Pet And Show Trim

Jennifer Lee

The West Highland Terrier is a happy, loyal and entertaining breed with a distinguished look. This comprehensive class will teach you a complete grooming guide for the show Westie as well as pet Westie. Jennifer will show you the proper techniques and right tools to groom this lovely breed. She will explain how to get that distinguished round shape of the head with proper techniques and the right grooming products. She will also show you a short, easy Westie pet trim with style.

Groomer Health And Safety

Kelly Muniz

As groomers, we look after the pets we groom with the utmost care. But do you look after yourself with that same care? In this seminar you will learn ways to protect your health and prolong your grooming career. Kelly will discuss the health concerns involved with grooming and the steps you can take to keep yourself safe and healthy. This course will go over a multitude of topics regarding health and safety in the salon atmosphere, including: Associated Health Risks, Eye Protection, Ear Protection, and Respiratory Protection.

Bread & Butter Grooming: Pomeranian

Kathy Rose

Kathy shares her tips to smooth scissoring techniques for the everyday groomer, and will show you how to achieve a cute and easy trim with this sometimes-difficult coat by combining clippering and scissoring for the perfect finish. Watch as she transforms the everyday Pomeranian into a smoothly scissored pet that you would be proud to send walking out of your salon. Don't miss the chance to see this informative demo with the woman who judges the best of the best.

Faster, Better, Lower Cost Baths With Shampoo Dispensing Systems

Dan Williams

All the way from the simplest to most complicated systems, each of the primary types of shampoo dispensing systems will be reviewed with respect to “Pros and Cons”. This includes gallon hand pump, 32oz mixing bottle, open tub sump pump, compressed air tank, venturi type gallon draw, and diaphragm pump reservoir type systems. Each of these systems offers unique benefits that relate to a faster, better, lower cost bath. Maintenance and care for each type of system will be discussed. This presentation helps shop owners finalize their shampoo dispensing system decision and also enables pet groomers to have the confidence to dig deeper into the shampoo system that they are considering recommending or investing in.

The English Cocker

Nicole Kallish

In this demo-style seminar, Nicole will show you how to style the English Cocker using carding and thinning shear techniques for a show ring style. Learn how to wow your clients with this show worthy look, or modify it for the everyday pet.

Quick And Trendy Yorkie Styles

Shannon Moore

Yorkies are one of the most common dogs walking into salons today. In this seminar, Shannon Moore, NCMG will demonstrate a quick and easy low maintenance trim that is stylish yet easy to execute. She will also briefly discuss coat maintenance and product selection to help you deliver that “just stepped out of the show ring” finish.

Mobile Grooming Safety

Mary Oquendo

Mobile groomers face unique safety challenges that our sister groomers do not. Being aware of what mobile groomers face, we can meet those situations head on. Mary will break down this workshop into 3 categories: our vehicles, work areas, and personal safety.

Hairless To Hair-Free, Deshedding For Cats

Lynn Paolillo

The biggest complaint you'll hear from cat owners is - they shed so much! Join NCGIA Instructor Lynn Paolillo to discuss selecting the right tools and techniques for de-shedding cats thoroughly and safely. Increase customer satisfaction and your bottom line with this popular add-on service! This lecture includes a live demonstration.

Don’t Give It Away! How Much Are You Worth An Hour?

Cheryl Purcell

Many groomers set their prices by what the shop down the street charges. 
That’s not how we should be setting prices. What you need to charge per dog and what I need to charge per dog are different because our costs to operate are different. Every groomer should know what they need to generate per hour in order to make a living wage.

Optimizing Social Media To Drive Sales

Kyle Darling

Roll with the changes and learn how business is being done in 2018! In this informative seminar you will gain valuable customer insight into what they want, need and are looking for, as well as their feedback about you and your competition. You’ll learn how to increase your customers’ experience with your business, increase more traffic to your social media platforms and business, save money and build your presence in the market, how the qualitative feedback helps you, and the proper way to handle positive and negative remarks. Set yourself apart from your competition!

Selecting Product According To Coat Type

Shannon Moore

There are so many products on the market today, it is easy to get overwhelmed! We are all guilty of being a collector of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products at some point of time in our grooming career. Selecting product according to coat type for maintenance and to achieve that show stopping finish will be the focus of this class.

The Art Of Scissoring

Mackensie Murphy

Curly coats can be found on a variety of pure breeds as well as mixed breeds. Within these varieties you'll find many coat textures and densities and each will require the use of different types of shears and products to achieve a beautiful trim and crisp finish. In this seminar, top competitor and Groomteam USA member, Mackensie Murphy will demonstrate her scissoring skills on three different commonly seen curly coat varieties. Mackensie will discuss the various lengths and preferences of her shears, the types of cutting edges she prefers for each coat type and recommendations of products to assist in achieving the best finish for the various types of curly coats she will be demonstrating on. Whether you groom oodles of poodles or cute, curly mixed breeds, this is a seminar you don't want to miss!

Doodle Doo’s

Cheryl Purcell

Figuring out how to make Doodles look their best and create a good outline can be easily achieved with the right tools. Cheryl will demonstrate how to make this sometimes-difficult breed look their best with a quick trim that's easy to manage.

Essential Oils And Pets

Susan Sholar

In this seminar you will learn about essential oils, their history, beneficial chemical properties and what methods of use may be the best for your situation. Discussion will include what issues may benefit from the use of essential oils and determining the best oil for those various issues. This class is taught by Susan Divine Sholar who taught Animal Massage and Aromatherapy at the International College of Pet Careers, Inc. Susan has seen wonderful responses from animals with massage in conjunction with essential oils. Consulting with a veterinarian can be a dynamic benefit for an aromatherapy and animal massage therapist. Realizing that this practice is a three party team between owner, aromatherapy/massage therapist and a veterinarian, Susan will discuss how to find a veterinarian in your area as part of your team.